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New STL Post Dispatch Career Column: Can You Hear Me Now?

David Hults, Activ8 Career CoachingBelow is the opening excerpt from my latest column for the St. Louis Post Dispatch:


Have you ever experienced a moment when you realized that the thing you asked your staff, teammates, or even your children to do yesterday still hasn’t been done – even when you gave them very clear instructions? It’s easy to point blame, but consider this: it could be they really didn’t hear what you thought you communicated.

We often don’t effectively reach our goals because we fail to take into account how we communicate. Studies have shown that communication is the most common thing managers do, spending 60 percent to 80 percent of their time communicating with their teams. However, stats also suggest most managers are bad communicators. In one relevant survey, 86 percent of managers thought they were good communicators, but only 17 percent of the employees surveyed said their managers did indeed communicate effectively. Another survey uncovered that only 14 percent of people rated their managers as “good” or “very good” communicators.

Even if you’re not a manager, realizing the importance of good communication is still your responsibility. The hours wasted… read the rest of this article here.