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Between social media, traditional job search tools, mobile phone job search apps and in-person networking groups, there seem to be more outlets for finding your next job than ever before.

But beware – there are people who will take advantage of your willingness to engage with the intention of getting personal information they can then use for their own illegal gain.

I’m not trying to stir up worry, but it’s a negative change in the job searching world we must all accept and proactively watch out for. And this article titled “How To Avoid Internet Job Search Scams” is a great place to start.

It calls out great best practices like not posting personal information on your online resume, utilizing privacy settings and common sense applications you’d see a mile away in real life, but might be tricked into online.

I hope you’ll read the article. And if you’ve ever been the victim of one of these job scams, please share your story in the comments section so that others don’t fall prey as well!