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“Things are accelerating, but it’s not as if we’re in a speed-up, slow-down world. It’s a high-velocity world, we’re digitally connected, everything is changing.”

That’s a quote from Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike, in a recent Fast Company article. His title alone should tell you that Parker has had an incredibly successful career. But as this insightful piece shows, his proactive approach to adapting with changing trends, demands and technologies is a major factor in the success of his brand – and himself.

And he makes sure his company makes change happen positively. I love the energy behind the strategy in this quote:

“Our management approach hasn’t come from studying and reading business books. It’s more intuitive, from the culture of sports. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve. How do you adapt to your environment and really focus on your potential? To really go after that, you have to embrace the reality that it is not going to slow down. And you have to look at that as half full, not half empty. Companies and people look at the pace of change as a challenge, an obstacle, a hurdle. We like to look at it as opportunity: Get on the offense.

I can’t recommend that you read this article enough. It’s full of great ideas, strategies and ways to implement taking control of change instead of reacting to it. As you read, apply these ideas to your career and industry. How are you going to proactively “get on the offense” as Parker says?