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5 Pick-Me-Up Movies For The Career Blues

We all hit valleys in our career.

Maybe you’re out of a job, disheartened by the job market. Or maybe you’re frustrated with your boss. Or maybe you just feel stalled in your career.

Whatever it may be, we all find ourselves in need of a little pick-me-up, and the folks in Hollywood know how to press our “feel good” buttons. Some might say that going to the movies in situations like this just set unrealistic expectations. But I say otherwise. Taking a break for a couple hours to be reminded that we’re not the only ones with work issues – and maybe even getting a few laughs out of the situation – can be priceless.

Enter Mashable’s list of the 5 Top Pick-Me-Up Movies For The Job Search Blues.

I love this list! There’s something for everyone and every situation:

  1. Office Space – For all of us who’ve found ourselves stuck in a rut.
  2. 9 to 5 – A reminder that we could always have a worse boss!
  3. Working Girl – The perfect flick for workplace drama!
  4. Clerks – Proof that there’s always a worse job out there.
  5. Jerry Maguire – An inspirational tale for all of us who’ve gotten a raw deal – or who have an entrepreneurial itch they need the confidence to scratch!

Mashable has some fun takes on each movie, too, so take a look.

What other movies should’ve made the list?