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Confessions – And Tips – From a Networking Pro

We’ve all been to those networking sessions or industry events where we see a person in the room who is THE ONE to know.

They seem confident, always have a group around them, and clearly have enough “ins” to connect anyone and everyone with an opportunity.

Now it’s time to let you in on a little secret: These people are just as nervous and resistant to putting themselves out there as everyone else!

Don’t believe me? Just read this article, titled Confessions of a Networking Pro. It’s very insightful to see how she overcame her fears at one such networking meeting.

And one thing I want to point out that helped her was realizing she was there to help others make connections, not just GET connections herself! Remember, networking is not just you leeching off of others. You’re valuable. You have relationships and insider expertise. In other words, you have a lot to offer everyone else!

Do any of these “confessions” sound familiar to you?