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Do You Have Your 2013 Career Target Yet?

As the first full work week of 2013 kicks off, I find myself thinking about individual career targets – something I go into depth with in my book, From Roadkill To Road Map.

To be successful, you must have a target. If you don’t have a job, this means identifying the field you want to work in. If you do have a job, it means pinpointing the specific kind of work you want to be doing in your field. By identifying your target, you can create a strategic plan to land that goal within your career.

When one of my clients doesn’t have any clear direction, my approach is to have them complete different exercises that assist in narrowing their career search. We look at such things as past decision making patterns, and explore how that affects the way they work and the value they bring. We look at career titles found on web sites and other materials like books, trade magazines, etc., that match up well with patterns we have uncovered. We then put together a fact-finding mission!

It comes down to this: what is it in your life that you succeed at every time you do it? The answer will help you find your target. Usually, you’ll identify multiple targets. This is a good thing. Although you want a focused target, you also want to avoid pigeonholing yourself.

In the end, deciding on your targets sets in motion a process that yields valuable information and specific insight, which will ultimately get you a meeting with the hiring decision maker!