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Tips For Managing Career Change…Inspired By a 5-Year-Old

Career change can be such an overwhelming thing.

The stress that comes with being out of a job or starting  a new one.

The frustration of trying to implement a new change and getting everyone in the workplace on board.

Realizing things aren’t going to be “like they used to be.”

But when change comes to your career, remember this: We’ve all been facing change our whole lives. Take this article in which the writer looks at how his 5-year-old dealt with the change of taking the bus to school for the first time.

I think it’s a great reminder that we make dealing with change more complicated than maybe it needs to be. We should look back at our lives and think of all the times we’ve dealt with uncomfortable changes in our lives – like riding the bus for the first time – and came out the other side successfully. It’s not always easy, and it may even cause a few tears. But it can be – and has been – achieved.

I definitely recommend you read the article and apply its 8 tips the next time you deal with change in your career!