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How a Bad Job Search Can Be Like a Bad Super Bowl Commercial

If you’re like me, watching Super Bowl commercials is one of the best parts of the game. We get to see each brand’s creative “best”, one after another.

But as I watched last night, I found myself wondering: How many of these Super Bowl commercials are true to their brand’s overall strategy, and how many are trying to get one-off buzz, breaking from strategy to get in-the-moment hype through the use of celebrities, special effects, etc?

It’s in this train of thought that I want to share this blog post by Mark Babbitt in which he compares bad Super Bowl commercials to bad job searching tactics.

It makes some great points about what I would consider style over substance, and action points on how to stay true to a good job search strategy.

I definitely recommend you read the article and think about whether or not you’re trying to morph who you are and the value you bring to what you THINK will be a big hit with employers.