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How To Keep Your Career From Consuming Your Life

Let’s face it: If you’re committed to your career and want to reach your professional goals in life, 40-hour work weeks just aren’t realistic.

Being passionate about your career means there isn’t a time limit. It impacts every aspect of your life – friends, family, etc.

So the question for so many of us becomes, “How do I keep my career a priority without letting it consume every second of my day – much less my life?!”

The important thing is to first accept that your career is going to be a major priority, and in return that means less time doing other things.

But after you’ve accepted that reality, there are steps you can take to be as efficient with your time as possible without compromising career excellence.

Enter this article from author, writer and social media specialist Melinda Emerson. In it, she lays out 5 tips on how she successfully juggles a variety of career tasks without letting them take over her entire life.

From my experience, she’s realistic in the fact that she can still expect early mornings and late nights – but that a balanced life and successful career are not mutually exclusive.