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Never Underestimate The Hidden Job Market

I often tell my Career Coaching clients that if they’re applying to a job they saw advertised on a job board or online ad, then they’re probably too late.

Here’s the truth from someone who worked on the other side of the desk in HR at a Fortune 500 company: When there’s a job opening, the hiring decision maker already has someone in mind for the job. This is someone they worked with elsewhere and have trust in, or someone they met/heard about through networking.

Most job openings are filled without ever being promoted, and those that are left open to anyone and everyone usually aren’t ideal.

The hidden job market defines these kinds of jobs – the openings you want but aren’t advertised. These are the jobs that most job seekers desire, but too often don’t even hear about.

I’ve worked with countless Career Coaching clients on developing a hidden job market strategy so that they can be “in the know” and not on the outside looking in.┬áIf this is something you’d like to discuss with me personally, reach out to me here.

If you’re simply looking for a good introduction to the hidden job market and how to work your way in, check out this US News article.

I’d love to hear from any of you that ever navigated your way through the hidden job market successfully. What were your learnings through the process?