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I hear it from my career coaching clients and people I meet at speaking engagements alike: The pressures that come with a job search are overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in a job searching for a new one, or if you don’t have a job at all – the process takes an emotional, psychological and financial toll.

Which is why I want to point you toward this article by Mary Eileen Williams. In it, she outlines four tips on dealing with stress:

  1. Avoid isolation.
  2. Write out a financial plan.
  3. Track your progress and make it tangible.
  4. Give yourself some TLC.

I think these are definitely great tips, and #1 and #2 especially stand out as things I tell tell clients time and time again.

Regarding #1, so many job seekers start by hiding behind the computer screen while job hunting, and after a few months are feeling helpless and all alone in the process. Building new relationships is a must in the process of finding employment. Surrounding yourself with experts in this area can shave off hours, weeks and months from the job hunting process.

As far as #2, understanding your financial situation is imperative. Invest in yourself as soon as you can before the money runs out and you have harder decisions to make about selling your house or using all your retirement money in order to survive.

If you’ve been through the job searching experience, what did you learn about dealing with stress?