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When most people approach networking – be it for future opportunities or because they’re in need of a job NOW – they often go network fishing in as big of a pond as possible.

But as this article points out (and I talk about in my book, From Fish Story To Success Story), finding a niche pond to network in is much more likely to lead to success.

Big, broad networking groups mean you have to work harder to find people in an industry relevant to yours. It’ll take more time, and you’re more likely to miss a connection.

The point is this: When networking, you need purpose. Purpose in what kind of people you want to connect with. Purpose in what you want to communicate about yourself to those people. And purpose in what you want to walk away knowing will happen next out of that meeting.

So I encourage you to read the article and consider what kinds of niche groups you could network with – or if maybe you should even be the one to start such a group!