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My Latest Column: The Danger of "Job Security"

the danger of job security

The name of my latest St. Louis Post Dispatch column may take you a little off guard, but there is, in fact, very real career danger with making “job security” your number 1 priority.

As the opening of the column states:

In this economy where jobs are scarce, most of us are trying to find ways to become indispensable. I hear over and over from employed professionals and job seekers alike that they most desire job security.

But just because you want to be indispensable doesn’t mean you should deter your career growth in the process. Several people who do in fact have job security have recently called me, complaining, “I’ve got plenty of work to do – in fact, I’m often the person others turn to when a project needs saving. The problem is that it’s keeping me from moving up in the organization. My boss doesn’t want to lose me in my current role, and it’s holding me up.”

So the question becomes: How do you become great at your job while not limiting your potential for growth?

The column goes on from there to answer this very question. Check it out here, and please share your comments!