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We talk a lot about how LinkedIn is a social hub for career networking – but where does Twitter fit in?

Usually when Career Coaches, Career Counselors and HR Experts talk about how social media can help your job search, they talk about how it’s an opportunity to “show off your expertise within your industry.” While that’s absolutely true, Sharn Kandola, a contributor to SocialMediaToday.com, has a fresh take on why Twitter is an essential tool for executives:

“…using Twitter (or other social sharing sites) to ‘let people in’ will help to raise your profile and ‘humanize’ you. Whether you’re a hockey fan, scout leader, amazing baker, movie lover or stamp collector, sharing your hobbies and personal interests will help employers (and future employees) to make a connection with you. A likable online profile makes you approachable and adds to your impressive credentials.”

Now that’s an interesting insight – today’s executives are EXPECTED to have a dynamic personality with a variety of interests that can help them connect and relate with others. So in essence what she’s saying is that it’s important for you to share some of your personality and interests outside of work via Twitter.

Sure, you still want to have a healthy balance of professional and personal content (not to mention never posting anything inappropriate that could come back to haunt you professionally). But tweeting about life beyond your job could have a big return on investment.


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