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You can’t land the big one without the right hook. So in the instance of fishing for a new job or career move, the “hook” is what I call value-added statements.

Value-added statements communicate your brand; in other words, “how you work.” A value-added statement puts this information front and center. For example, a value-added statement for someone seeking a management position could be: “I mentor and identify individual strengths in others while providing new growth opportunities that drive retention and lower expenses.”

More commonly found on resumes are your achievements, the things that showcase your brand – they are the specific examples that tell me your brand is true! Achievements tell me:

What you did:

  • I developed an orientation training program for ABC Company

How you did it:

  • Identified individuals on my team to research training topics
  • Developed a schedule to mentor each team member in how to present the training
  • Made sure to get feedback from each team member on how to personalize their training
  • Rolled out a pilot program so team members could practice and edit the presentation

What results it yielded:

  • Rolled out an orientation program that also develop team members and decreased the departments turnover rate that lowered cost

So take the time to really find your true hook. Write out what you did, how you did it and what results it yielded. Stay true to this process, and you can quit worrying about “the one that got away.”