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Making change happen in your career vs. reacting to change when it hits is a topic that I’m obviously pretty fascinated by (why else would I have written a book on the topic?!).

Which is why I want to direct you to this post from a business growth blog, titled: Managing Change – The Three Elements For Fostering Positive Change. The post does a good job of calling out how you must change yourself first, see the future, and encourage change among others.

One thing I’d add is how crucial it is to make time for change. If you’re the one implementing a change in the workplace, it’s easy to rush through the process because you’re eager to get things moving. But if you rush it, no doubt you can expect resistance.

As leaders of a certain change, we don’t fully understand someone else’s perspective of how this change impacts them. Accepting change is a hard thing to do. So as a leader, you must take the time to give good direction, put in place the right motivating factors, and shape the path by removing individuals’ perceived obstacles.

Take the time to do that, and unexpected change can become positive change.