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We often talk about managing change in your individual career, but what about on behalf of your company or organization?

When you’re in management, it can be difficult to get everyone else on board with the changes you want to implement. It’s because of this I’ve heard several leaders say, “I’d be a great manager if it weren’t for the people!” Well, if that’s your mentality, then you’ll never be a great manager!

Managing a department or organization requires a well developed understanding of how to move individuals and large groups of people through change. To identify what needs to happen is the easy part – getting  everyone to act in harmony is another.

I talk a lot about this in my book, RINGMASTER, and I also reco you check out an article I recently stumbled upon that’s titled “Constant Change Crucial If An Organization Is To Survive.”  Specifically of interest is how the writer identifies how our work habits and attitudes need to be reshaped to fit in and deal with today’s new economy.

Have you ever experience a workplace change in which the manager did – or didn’t – lead the change effectively? What did they do that you learned from?