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exceptional living

RINGMASTER, my book about becoming a master of career change in the workplace, was recently selected “Recommended Book of the Week” by Tom Hill’s Eaglezine.

I’m very honored that my book was selected, especially because this is a resource for exceptional living. I truly believe that if you master career change, it’s another step toward living a full and happy life!

Below is the writeup from Eaglezine.


When change comes to your workplace, will you manage it to your advantage or get caught standing in the shadows of those who do? This book reveals 8 strategies, along with action steps, to become a Ringmaster of change. Just like the 3 rings of a circus, there are 3 rings of change that these strategies will help you navigate, ultimately turning you into a Ringmaster. The Ring of Control includes changes you can create, alter and direct to your advantage. The Ring of Influence is focused on the changes on which you can have an indirect impact through your presence and influence. The Ring of Response includes important changes that directly impact your career, but you cannot directly control or influence-and thereby must respond to. As you’ll learn, the key to any successful career is your ability to master change. Included in this book is an online change profile that will reveal personalized strategies for you to master change. The online profile is only for a one-time use. Additional assessments can be found on activ8careers.com.

If you are trying to navigate the pathway up the corporate ladder you need to be aware of the great work David Hults has developed. Before you grab the next rung on that ladder, you need to connect with him. He may have some words of wisdom for you. Reach out to him at www.activ8careers.com.