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My Latest STL Post Dispatch Column: Breaking The Job Interview Code

Career Coach in St. LouisThis month, I invested the space I’ve been given in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to focus on one of the things job seekers and networkers are most obsessed with: the job interview!

As someone who’s been on both sides of the desk, I can tell you that there is indeed a code you can break to nail your job interview.

As I state in the column:

Most interview questions are in code. If you answer them at face value without understanding why they are asking the question, then no matter how well your interview goes, you are likely to lose the job/promotion. Behavioral interviews are made up of five questions that can easily and strategically be prepared for. Learn these five and pass the test.

You can check out those five questions and solutions here!

When you do, you’ll also get insight into the Activ8 job interview flash cards, a valuable tool when preparing for interviews.