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Step Up To BAT In This Career Search Strategy

One of the metaphors I use with my Career Coaching and Counseling clients who are in a career search is based on America’s Pastime: Baseball.

If you want to hit a homerun, you need a bat. That may sound incredibly obvious, but it’s an essential resource to the game. And in the career search game, too many people don’t have a “BAT” – an acronym connecting three essential resources to job hunting. BAT stands for Behavior, Attitude and Techniques. If you have a good handle on these three things, you can feel free to swing for the fences! But before you step into the batter’s box, let’s talk a little more about your hitting strategy.


Ask yourself:

  • How many hours a week have I set aside to work on my career search?
  • What am I going to do during that time?
  • How do I stay on my marketing plan?
  • How am I paying attention to detail, following up with people who promise, “I’ll get you some names”?

Your answers to these questions will tell you a lot about your career search behavior.


Ask yourself:

  • Am I making false assumptions that position me as the victim?
  • Do I project rejection?
  • Do I find myself defending my past?
  • Can I say that I am worthy of finding a real career match?

I can never reiterate it enough: stay positive!


Ask yourself if you can say the following:

  • I have a real marketing plan with measurable results.
  • I have developed my own brand that I’m known for in the industry.
  • I have a compelling message that engages the listener to actively participate in my career campaign.

You can learn more about the BAT career search strategy in my book, From Fish Story To Success Story, or by reaching out to me here.


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  • Sr. Mary says:

    Amen, brother. These are so critical it’s important to keep stating. Thanks for the reminders. Sr. M.