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How One Word Can Impact Your Job Search

job search, resume tips, career coachingTechnology is shifting job searches in very obvious ways, from how we network to how we share our portfolios.

But one way you might not be thinking about is how the keywords you use to describe your title and/or job skills and experience can determine whether or not recruiters and hiring decision makers find you in their online search.

For example, you may have “insurance agent” listed as a broad way to describe your title, but a company who is looking for an “actuarial” won’t find you.

So how do you know what to write and where?

Enter this blog post from the Job Search Blog. In it, you’ll find a detailed process that outlines what you can do to maximize the impact of the words you use to choose to reflect you and what you do best.

Photo via Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net