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When Managing Workplace Change, Communication Must Be Strategic

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when talking about effective change management is that they say to “communicate more.”

It’s not about more communication, it’s about strategic communication.

Sometimes part of that strategy is indeed to communicate more to employees than in the past. But the strategy must come first.

So what do I mean by strategic communication?

This Kenexa post about change management for new selection systems describes it in actionable terms:

Create a communication plan. Think through who needs to know what and by when. Not everyone needs all of the details as soon as they are known. Plan out who will draft communications, who will approve them, and who will send them. When communications are duplicated, the audience loses interest. Make sure you are communicating why there is a need for change, not just the tactics of what will change.

So do you have a communication plan when workplace change hits?