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social media job opportunities

Photo from emptyglass / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We talk a lot about how social media is the new networking frontier.

We make connections through LinkedIn, prove our value and expertise on Twitter, and maintain relationships with past colleagues/friends through Facebook.

But social media isn’t just providing new networking opportunities – it’s presenting new job opportunities. More and more companies are looking for social media moderators, content providers and strategists. And the interesting thing is that these positions aren’t tied to any one specific experience type or college degree.

I’ve seen people with backgrounds in PR, journalism, marketing, advertising, communications and English score social media positions with major companies. But I’ve also seen people with agriculture, science and math degrees get jobs writing for companies or resources connected to these respective fields.

The point is that social media may not just be the means to a new job. For many, it might present an entirely new career.

So where do you go to look for these kinds of jobs? This article outlines 24 different resources that are most relevant in 2013. Take a look and see what might make sense for you!