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A Career Worthy of Everyone's Salute

Memorial Day, Honored Profession

photo courtesy of Michael Elliott / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When someone hears the word “career”, they’re conditioned to think about traditional professions like lawyers, project managers, construction foremen, doctors, accountants, financial managers, etc.

But there’s one career that, if it didn’t exist, would directly impact all of these other careers that thrive in the free world. I’m of course talking about the men and women who committed part, if not all, of their professional life in the armed forces.

This weekend we celebrate the actions of those who lost their lives defending the freedom we enjoy every day.

Of course there will be customary barbecues and first dips into the swimming pool. So as you spend time enjoying these freedoms, I encourage you to remember those who dedicated their all to this great nation of ours.

Have a happy Memorial Day!