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how to find a job

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I’ll cut straight to the chase: Prove that you can add value.

As this fantastic overview from the New York Times nicely lays out, today’s job market is much less about where you received your training or honed your skills. It’s about using those skills in a tangible way that a potential employer can see right away.

The main point is that people DON’T get hired for two reasons.:
1.    The company doesn’t understand the value they might get from an applicant.
2.    The applicant isn’t 100% sure what they want out of their career – in other words, the value they want to bring.

I often refer to one’s value as a “USP” – a Unique Selling Proposition. Because your value is just that – a way to sell yourself over others in an interview. Too many candidates don’t even realize they have a USP, but if we dig deep enough, everyone has one. It’s what you are known for – your positive reputation at work. If you know how to articulate that and apply it to the position you’re seeking, you’ll be able to prove your value.

The times we’re living in demand you take the time to find focus and get specific about what you have to offer that others don’t.

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  • Natalie Almonte says:

    It has been incredibly difficult for me to find the job or should i say career path that i would really love. I surely cannot find my USP as stated here. If you can give me some tips as to how i should start doing that, that would be very wonderful. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising by the time i was 22 and now I am 27 and still try to figure out what is going on. I feel stuck and feel like I have used up all my ideas. Don’t really know what direction to take anymore.

  • David says:

    I would be happy to talk with you over the phone. Understanding and developing your personal brand is not as easy as it sounds. Give me a call at 314-966-3888 We can identify what’s been happening and talk about next steps. We can also determine if we have a real reason to get together.


  • David says:

    I have two books that would be helpful. Go to my website http://www.activ8careers.com and than go to career products.

    Check out “From Roadkill To Roadmap” and “Ringmaster”


  • Jeanne says:

    WOW ,great advice.
    I will tell you this about me, I know exactly what I want .
    I want to be the FACE of some great company. I want to be the first FACE you see when you come through the door.
    I want to be the Front Desk Receptionist that meets and greets people and directs them and helps them connect with the right person at this company.
    I have to remember this greet advice and be confident that I am the right applicant and an will be a GREAT asset to any company!

  • David says:

    Knowing what you want is the first step. The next is telling the company what values you will bring them. You have to answer the question ” Why should I hire you” without going generic like “I’m good with people” What are you known for and what value does that bring the company.