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ways to advance your career

photo via adamr at freedigitalphotos.net

Every Senior Director has a VP Senior Director, every VP Senior Director has a CEO, and most CEOs have a holding company VP they answer to and so on and so on and so on! The point is this – unless you are the lone owner of your own company, you answer to someone in the workplace.

I fully believe that to truly love your job, you need to challenge yourself to be as good as you can be. If you challenge yourself, your manager will notice.

But doing your job very well and getting deserved credit for it is different from “sucking up to the boss.”

That’s why I like this Inc article titled 10 Things Really Amazing Employees Do. It calls out traits and actions that prove you’re not only passionate about your job, but invaluable in the way you do it (an ever increasing “trait” everyone should have in rough economic marketplace!). And if you ARE a manager, this list will help you identify who you can’t work without.

I’ll cut to the chase and post their list below – but I encourage you to read the article for more insight into each!

  1. Enthusiastically learn all aspects of business.
  2. Steward the company.
  3. Generate viable opportunities.
  4. Resolve issues before they are issues.
  5. Tell it like it is.
  6. Demonstrate high standards with low maintenance.
  7. Grow themselves, and others.
  8. Research, apply and refine.
  9. Stimulate happiness.
  10. Facilitate amazing bosses.