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photo via stockimages at freedigitalphotos.net

The Millennial demographic is reaching that age where many have just enough experience – matched with talent and motivation – to become managers.

The catch? They find themselves managing fellow Millennials, and often people who are older than they are.

So how should the Millennial manager and/or the professional who’s now managed BY a Millennial tread these new waters?

That’s what the Chicago Tribune asks and answers in their new article, How To Survive At Work When Managing Your Gen Y Peers. The article makes several good points about the pros and cons to this emerging workplace situation – but I think the potential positives (while generalities) stand out the most:

  • Millennial managers encourage collaboration in the workplace.
  • Rather than trying to assert your authority over others, as a young boss, you’re more likely to create a sociable and collaborative relationship in the office and foster a supportive team-playing attitude.
  • By making the office a fun, engaging and creative place, you’re bound to get better results from everyone. Plus, you don’t have to miss out on the after-work drinks for fear of cramping anyone’s style.

So whether you are the Millennial who’s in a management role, or you’re the worker who has to cope with a Millennial manager who’s younger than you, consider how collaborating can make work better for everyone!