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what we can learn from job seeker motivations

photo courtesy of jscreationzs via freedigitalphotos.net

Per this ComeRecommended.com article and a Monster survey:

The motivation to find a new job is increasing among employed job seekers. 42 percent of employed job seekers are dissatisfied with their current occupation. However, a whopping 81 percent of those who are employed plan to actively search for new jobs within the next year.

These stats should be startling for both job seekers (more competition in the market!) AND managers (your team may be on their way out the door!). The article continues to identify 5 factors that serve as motivation for people to look for a new job:

  1. Higher compensation
  2. Better skills match
  3. Personal fulfillment
  4. Rewarding experience
  5. Job loss

Now, some of these should come as no surprise. But factors 2-4 specifically stand out to me. These are things that good managers can be realizing and solving for continually. If you have a person on your team who you don’t want to lose, it’s your responsibility to maximize their skill set, help them find fulfillment in their daily role and thereby give them a rewarding experience.

On the flip side, if you are one of the many this survey suggests is looking for greener pastures, have you addressed YOUR responsibility to talk with your manager about your frustrations? Too often people jump the corporate ship because of reasons like those above, but if they had only brought up their professional desires to their boss they could have had improved their situation immensely.

So whether you’re the manager or the seeker, consider these motivations – and your responsibility to address each accordingly.