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I recently read this article by Roger White, author of Finding Work When There Are No Jobs.

He makes some very insightful points that I, as a Career Coach and counselor, can affirm. The job search wears people down. It often leads to hopelessness. And simply saying, “Cheer up! Something will come along…” isn’t going to help ANYONE.

I specifically find the following excerpt of his article quite intriguing – and I agree with a lot of it, but not quite everything:

Finally, there is the illusion of MAGIC. The selling of the idea that there is such a thing as “how to get a job.” When we all know that “how to get a job? ” isn’t even the right question. The right question is “how do I get a job?” That question. “How do I get a job?” means letting go of the search and inevitable anger over cheap, dismissive tips promoted to work for everyone. There IS no “secret” to getting a job. So where’s the hope? It’s in whatever prompts new and different thinking for you, JUST YOU, on finding work.

What I agree with: It’s all about the individual. Sure, there are general tips that can send anyone in the right direction, but in the end, everyone’s talents and unique selling points – their “brand” – is different, and therefore their way of finding work is different.

Where I differ: I think there are indeed specific methods and practices that can help any one individual find a job. The catch (that I think Mr. White would agree with) is that those methods and practices must be customized to the individual. The purpose of these methods is to help the individual find their brand, and realize for themselves how to position what they not only are good at, but what they love doing.

I’ve seen these methods work time and time again, but to Mr. White’s point, each time it’s a little bit different because of the person I’m working with.

But our points are the same – there is indeed hope in finding the right job for you. You just have to look within yourself.

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  • Roger Wright says:

    Hi David!

    Many thanks for the write up! And yes, our points are the same. You might also be interested in a later Huff Po piece on Risk. And I would love to hear your take on the book.

    If you are on Linked In—I just started a group called “Job Search alternatives” that you might find interesting.

    Take Care,
    Roger Wright (not White. . .:)