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image by renjith krishnan via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Forbes recently ran this article, titled 10 Ways The Job Search Has Changed. Based on the demographic of a lot of people I meet at workshops, speaking engagements and my Career Coaching clients, this is a topic that needs a lot of attention.

Most of those I’m referring to were suddenly thrust into a job search after a decade or more in the same job (or at least a career path where they were recruited, not on the job hunt). Like it or not, things have changed A LOT in the past 10 years. Just think – 10 years ago social media hardly played any kind of role in networking!

Let’s cut to the chase. Their list of 10 ways the job search has changed, in short, is as follows:

  1. Google has replaced the resume.
  2. A summary of your work history is enough.
  3. Social proof is a must.
  4. Resumes and cover letters aren’t read on paper anymore.
  5. Relationships come first, resumes second.
  6. Employers only care about what they want.
  7. Work gaps aren’t big problems.
  8. Nouns are the new currency.
  9. Everyone has a personal brand – yes, everyone.
  10. Typing isn’t a skill anymore.

Now, some of these obviously require reading the article for more insight (specifically #6 and #8). But a quick glimpse shows you that the digital world and how you present yourself online is one of the overall biggest shifts.

But that’s why I quickly want to point out #5. While “Relationships come first, resumes second” can definitely be interpreted in the context of social media networking, it also means real, in-person relationship building. Nothing in the job search beats human interaction. It gives you the chance to demonstrate intangibles like a good personality and interpersonal skills. But it also brings to life the brand (see #9) you sell digitally.

So what are your thoughts? If you’ve been in a recent job search, I’d love to hear your comments on this list, as well as any others you’d add to it.