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What Are The Traits of an Amazing Workplace Leader?

how to become a career leader

image by chanpipat via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Anyone who’s been in the workforce for even a year has experienced “good leadership” and “bad leadership.” That goes from hourly wage workers to seasoned professionals with a pension.

It’s easy to say who was a good and/or bad leader. What many people fail to do is identify why that person was good or bad at leading. The individuals who can pinpoint what makes someone a positive or negative leader are the ones who will become tomorrow’s true leaders. These are the people who take on what they’ve seen work in leadership, and push aside what didn’t.

I encourage you to stop right now and write down a list of the character traits you respected in past leaders. Write down at least 10. Now do the same with character traits you saw negatively impact leadership. If you’re having trouble getting started, check out this list titled What Amazing Leaders Do Differently.

Now look at that list closely. Are there any traits you can see potentially hurting YOU to be a good leader, or what actions/attitudes do you not yet possess to be an amazing leader?

This is the kind of honest self-assessment you must repeat often in order to be a significant leader. Constantly learn from others’ successes and failures – even when you are already in a leadership position.

If you’re in a leadership role right now, what insights have made the biggest impact on the way you lead?