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mean boss, bad manager

image by sumetho via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We’ve all heard it – in fact, I bet most of us has even said it a time or to ourselves: “I have a bad boss.”

But as a Career Coach, I can tell you that too often we project frustrations with our own career paths onto managers. Many people like to point blame or use their boss as an excuse as to why they’re not satisfied in their career.

But I can also tell you that there is indeed such a thing as a bad boss. And that’s why I love this article from Bernard Marr, titled The Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Boss. Marr breaks down 10 types of bad bosses, and by identifying them by specific characteristics, it helps the reader realize that “yes, I do indeed have a bad boss” or “maybe I’m making excuses.”

It’s also worth checking out if you are the boss! Fair or not, people will claim you don’t do your job as well as you should. And if any of these traits describe you, maybe it’s time to take a look and changing a few things.

Below are the 10 kinds of bad bosses – read the article for even more insight.

  1. The Ego-Tripper – a boss that is arrogant, shows off at any opportunity and is in constant need of boosting his or her ego
  2. The Coward – a boss that takes on no accountability and often hides behind others
  3. The Micromanager – a boss that believes he knows how others should do their job, who can’t trust people to just get on with their job and instead and micro-manages everything they do
  4. The Incapable – a boss that has been promoted beyond his or her capabilities, has no clue how to do the job and has lost all respect of subordinates and co-workers
  5. The Over-friendly Mate – a boss that inappropriately wants to be your best mate or nearest friend
  6. The Bad Communicator – a boss that is unable to communicate anything effectively, be it the corporate strategy or individual performance feedback
  7. The Plagiarizer – a boss that takes credit for other people’s work or ideas and passes it off as his own (especially to his or her boss)
  8. The Negative – a boss that just can’t say anything positive and instead turns everything into doom-and-gloom
  9. The Ego-Centric – a boss that doesn’t care about the people who work for him and is not interested in helping, coaching and developing anyone else but himself
  10. The Criticizer– a boss that is quick to critisize mistakes others make and is unable to provide constructive feedback