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career blame, blaming others, career disappointment

image by krishnan via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As I learned during my years in HR, and continue to see now as a Career Coach, someone is always willing to be a contestant on “The Blame Game.”

“I just have a bad boss!”

“I do everyone else’s work, but they take all the credit!”

“The hiring manager was rude and didn’t even ask me any good interview questions!”

When things don’t go our way, blaming others is a natural response. Just watch any group of kids at a playground – before long, someone will be blaming why the ball went down the sewer on someone else, and vice versa!

The sad thing is that when you blame others in your career search, you’re not doing anything more to help your situation than those kids are to retrieve their ball from the sewer. All blaming does is help YOU temporarily cope with disappointment. But in the long-term, blaming others hinders you from breaking through as to why you might not be finding career satisfaction, not to mention can give you a bad reputation with others (further hurting your career aspirations).

So how do you quit playing the blame game? By getting to the root of why you’re blaming others in the first place. The Personal Brand Blog recently broke the reasons down as following:

  1. Anger and bad attitude.
  2. Unwillingness to change.
  3. Inability to see opportunity.

Check out the blog post to see how they recommend overcoming each of these three blame-starters.

Personally, I see #2 being the biggest issue – to the point that I wrote a book about it!

How about you? Why do you think we blame others when things don’t go our way?