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People over 50 have a preconceived notion that getting a job at their age isn’t realistic.

Too many have seen headlines or heard from friends that at a certain point in life, you should be happy getting any kind of job, or should be willing to settle on the one you currently have.

For whatever the reason, there’s a stigma that there’s a stigma against those aged 50+ in the workplace.

But I can tell you from experience that this isn’t completely true. I’ve served as a Career Coach and counselor to many people over 50 who have not only looked for new work, but actually landed their dream job.

Simon North recently contributed an article on this topic to Forbes, titled Five Ways To Break Out of a Job-Search Rut, that actually focuses on how boomers should approach finding new work.

His ideas are simple, yet powerful:

  1. Ignore What Others Think
  2. Treat Job Hunting as a Job
  3. Identify Roles That Will Suit You
  4. Be Patient
  5. Learn From Your Mistakes

Obviously, I’ve only top-lined these tips. Read the article, and if you’re over 50 and have experienced a successful job search, share your story in the comments!