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Some Straight Talk About Organizing Your Job Search

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Image by mrpuen via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As the author of a blog titled “Career Str8 Talk”, you better believe I appreciate fellow career experts who aren’t afraid to give it to you straight – and that’s exactly what Dana Manciagli does in this article, Stop Using Sticky Notes To Manage Your Job Search: Here’s How To Get Organized.

How straight does she give it? How about this quote: “Cut the crap and get a job!” That’s what Manciagli says to job seekers who claim they don’t need a process to get a new job. In her opinion, these people are just making excuses so they don’t have to put in the real work necessary to get the job they want – and her point is that they’re never going to get that job WITHOUT a process.

The rest of the article goes into some very straightforward advice on how to organize your job search, and I highly recommend you read it. I agree with Manciagli that you must have a strategy. Without a plan, you’re 100 times less likely to land the job you want.

So which one of Manciagli’s tips makes the most sense to you? Do you have any organization methods that helped your job search?