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Why and How To Create Your Own Website For The Betterment of Your Career

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image by Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

With so many social networks now playing into job searches, having your own website to help position your strengths and skills may seem like overload.

This Forbes piece suggests otherwise.

The article breaks down reasons like showcasing your work in more visual terms (an example I’ve seen work time and time again for those in creative industries), search optimization involving your name, and proving to potential employees that you’re comfortable with technology. It then goes into how exactly to bring your own website to life.

I think all of the reasons they call out for creating your own site are very fair and observant. However I do NOT recommend you rush right out and build your own site.

Consider what kinds of content you would feature that you are not already promoting on your other digital/social platforms. Really read through the article and think about whether or not the key benefits at play here are relevant to your career.

In other words, have a PLAN.

I’d love to hear from those of you who created your own website for the betterment of your career. What professional field are you in? What do you showcase on your site? Has it been worth the effort you invested?