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social media, hashtags, twitter, facebokPer this article, the answer is yes!

Hashtags continue to penetrate social media usage and content, uniting and connecting people in a very specific way.

If you’re not familiar with hashtags, the article describes them perfectly:

Hashtags are a simple way to add another layer of context and metadata to micro-posts. Using the symbol “#” in front of specific keywords and phrases, the content becomes searchable and grouped by topic. For example, if you wanted to find information on bicycles using social media hashtags you would type “#bicycles” into search on Twitter or Facebook. The results populated will be those in which users have used this hashtag in order to help others find their posts more readily. On Twitter, you can also click on hashtags that others have used in their tweets to see all tweets that have also used that same hashtag.

The article goes on to list the 20 hottest job search hashtags, per social job sites. One warning from me before using these in your social media posts, though: Some of them could make you look desperate. For example, #needajob is not the message you want to communicate to potential hiring decision makers. I encourage you to really consider category-specific hashtags, i.e., #ITjobs.

Have you already used hashtags in the past? What was your experience?

General Job Search Hashtags











Industry or Demographic Focused Job Search Hashtags

#ITjobsĀ  (or use your own industry acronym or spell out the full industry keywords in place of IT)

#hiringIT (substitute your industry term in place of IT)

#ITemploymentĀ  (again substitute your industry term in place of IT)

#recruitdevelopers (use the term most often used to recruit entry level workers in your field)




#hirevets (for military veterans seeking employment)