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What It Means To "Network Through The Back Door"

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image by suphakit73 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I often hear disappointment or anger from job seekers because they feel they aren’t being treated like a real person, but rather “just another name on a resume.”

But there’s a solution to this.  Since the screening process can be a bit of a shot in the dark on both the HR and applicant side, I recommend trying to get a job through “the back door” of an HR department.

What this means is to spend time creating connections and growing relationships with the experts in your field of interest.  That’s where you find the hidden job market – those jobs that are never advertised.

Building relationships with hiring managers who currently don’t have open positions allows you to build a powerful network; they may even create a position tailored just for you!

It’s at that moment we find the greatest opportunity to negotiate the best deal – because they clearly want you to work there!

You can learn more about this topic in my book, From Fish Story To Success Story.

If you’ve ever successfully networked through the back door, I want to hear YOUR story in the comments!