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Image by sritangphoto via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When it comes to career searching, a big part of that preparation is mental. You have to be positive. You have to maintain a belief in HOPE.  If you move forward with disbelief or a “we’ll see” attitude, you have most likely already pre-determined your outcome. Similarly, guard yourself from those who – through their own disbelief – encourage you to see yourself as the victim, eroding your hope in the process. Stay positive!

Humor me for a moment with a little exercise. You’ll need a metal paper clip and a 12-inch string of thread.

1. Tie the thread to the end of the paper clip, then hold the clip by the edge of the string.

2. I want you to focus on the paper clip. With your mind, imagine that paper clip moving forwards and backwards. Stay focused. Visualize.

3. Now imagine it moving right to left. You’re moving it with your mind. Focus.

4. Now, with your mind, move it clockwise. Stay focused.

5. Now move it counterclockwise with your mind.

6. Now, while still holding the edge of the paper clip, I want you to think of something negative. For example, “This is a ridiculous exercise!” or “Finding a job is hopeless, and I’m never going to be happy with my career!”

What happened to your paper clip? I’m guessing that during steps 2-5, your paper clip moved. By focusing on it, it moved in the direction you wanted it to go, simply from the sensory messages your brain sent to your body.

But what happened when you thought of something negative? It stopped! The point is this: you cannot afford to think negatively in your job search. Doing so will put a halt to your progress just like it did that paper clip. When you think negatively, your body simply doesn’t respond – you STOP your power!

I write more in depth on this topic in my book, From Fish Story to Success Story.