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smart way to network

image by suphakit73 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I recently read an article by Schawbel at the New  York Times titled The One Networking Mistake Almost Everyone Makes that I find very relevant to everyone as we head into a new year.

Of course you want to know what that one mistake is, so I’ll cut to the chase: It’s networking to GET help vs. networking to GIVE help.

Now, that may seem counter-intuitive considering that the end goal of networking is to better yourself professionally, be it through a new job or better position. But here’s that Schawbel says and I tell my clients all the time – your chances of reaching your career goals are higher when you quit being a networking user and start becoming a giver.

Why? Because people can smell a user a mile away. It’s clear the only reason they are trying to connect is because they need your help. And if that’s you, it can come off as desperate and self-interested. Instead, take the networking approach of asking others what their goals are and how you can help them reach them. By becoming a giver, you are proving your value to them and inspire them to genuinely want to help you, too.

I suggest you read the entire article for more insight, or reach out to me anytime to discuss.

How about you? Have you experienced networking users vs. givers? Did one make you want to help more than the other?