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Avoid These 5 Job Search Misconceptions

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Image by manostphoto via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As we pass the mid-point of January, many of us are already cursing the fact that we aren’t living up to our New Year’s resolutions, while others of us are just getting around to starting them!

If your resolution was to step up your job search in 2014, regardless of where you are with that resolution, you need to read this US News article by fellow Career Coach Arnie Fertig.

Fertig’s article focuses on some really essential basics everyone should reflect upon in their job search. Things like assuming people will realize what’s different about you, and blaming poor job interviews on the hiring decision manager instead of looking in the mirror are essentials to the mindset of anyone in a job search.

But the misconception that I was most happy to see him include was #3: When you tell people your job title and how long you have done it, they understand what you’ve done.

This is an issue I see with my Career Coaching clients all the time. Job titles don’t mean the same thing everywhere, and every workplace culture puts different values and expectations on those titles. You have to know how to stand out beyond your title and prove what you bring that no one else does.

Check out the article, and if you have recently been in a job search, which misconception stands out most to you?