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Image by Michal Marcol via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

While there are many job candidate traits that are timeless – things like solid references, clear leadership ability, good communication skills – there are new capabilities and traits that trend in and out of the hiring/job seeking world every year.

Enter this article, which identifies 5 tangible and intangible qualities hiring decision makers will be looking for in 2014. Let’s cut to the chase. Their list includes:

  1. Agility and Adaptability
  2. International Experience
  3. Having The Latest Certifications – Or a Willingness To Learn
  4. The Ability To Become Part of a Team – And Generate Results
  5. Knowledge of “Soft Skills” – The Interpersonal Kind

These 5 qualities reflect what I’ve been seeing in the marketplace as a Career Coach. As technology changes the way we work, not to mention makes our work world smaller (see #2), the ability to be quick, flexible and change the way you work is essential.

These are connected themes that cross all five of the qualities the article calls out. And they all go back to change.

Change is here. Change will keep coming. And employers want someone who can change with the times – even BEFORE!

So which of these characteristics are you lacking in? Many will say, “I’m just not a very flexible person. I hate change.” But believe me, increased comfort with change can be learned. It’s something I preach daily to my Career Coaching clients and at speaking engagements. If you want more insight into how you can master career change, check out my book RINGMASTER, or reach out to me directly.