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why people leave their job

Image by Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I recently read an interesting blog post titled Job Search: Why People Leave ‘Good’ Jobs.

It’s an interesting read that presents several insightful reasons people leave seemingly good jobs – and at the end, it suggests money can be a major motivator.

But while money seems like a major reason good employees leave for greener pastures, data suggests otherwise.

In his book, The Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, Leigh Brenham claims that 89% of managers believe that most employees leave for better pay. Yet Brenham cites data from Saratoga that reveals 88% of the time something besides money is the root cause.

What are some of these causes? The article suggests overwork and imbalance, lack of feedback, no room to grow, and being oversold on the job in the first place as reasons people leave. All of these are very valid reasons – and I have a couple to add:

  • Talent doesn’t match the role. Too many people are great at things they aren’t getting to do in their daily role!
  • The role isn’t defined. A lot of times disgruntled employees have never even been told what the expectation of their job truly is. This is essential.
  • Lack of performance reviews. It’s a simple thing that can keep people very happy in their role, identifying what they do well and what they can do to achieve success moving forward.

Have you ever left your job for one of these reasons? Or maybe a different one?