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Change Hits Private Healthcare Practices

career change for healthcare

Image by stockimages via freedigitalphotos.net

According to this Boston Globe article, more and more doctors are abandoning the idea of private practice and opting for salaried hospital jobs instead. Per the article:

Last year, 64 percent of job offers filled through Merritt Hawkins, one of the nation’s leading physician placement firms, involved hospital employment, compared with only 11 percent in 2004. The firm anticipates a rise to 75 percent in the next two years.

The article does a good job of outlining why this change is occurring, but the takeaway should be this: Even professional systems as tried and true as “the doctor’s office” aren’t immune to major change.

Change hits every kind of career and every kind of professional out there. How will you cope, embrace and make this change work for your benefit?

That’s the theme of my book RINGMASTER, and it’s a question you should ask yourself BEFORE change next impacts your career.