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LinkedIn LogoHave you ever considered that the way you position yourself, your experience and your goals on LinkedIn depends on where you are professionally?

The primary example of this is during a job search. If you’re looking for a job, the way you leverage the professional social network behemoth is definitely different. This article does a fantastic job of providing tips on how to exactly do this. But I want to really focus on some of the benefits they call out early on of maximizing your LinkedIn profile during a search:

  • It’s turned on 365/24/7 and you can’t possibly be – it works for you when you are sleeping, eating, working, exercising, etc.
  • Your profile shares your professional story and promotes you in an non-intrusive manner (but don’t include annoying videos that come on as soon as people arrive at your profile).
  • Your LinkedIn profile lets others know how connected you are. Your professional currency increases with a strong, highly engaged network. (It’s not just numbers―connecting to lots of people you don’t know only means you’re connected to a lot of people you don’t know, it doesn’t even qualify as a good address book.)

So how are YOU using LinkedIn? Have you ever changed your profile during a specific phase of your career and seen an impact?

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  • Fran Bonham says:

    LinkedIn was the biggest thing I didn’t know when I started looking for a new job — and setting up my profile correctly was the most important skill I learned.

  • David says:

    Good to hear from you. Thanks for the feedback!
    I trust that you are doing well!