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Could You Be a Victim of the Silent Career Killer?

Silent Career Killer

My latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch column is all about the career killer that no one thinks will catch  up with them: Procrastination. Get a taste of the column below, and hit the jump to see the whole thing.


Look at any workplace in America, and you’ll find someone who just can’t seem to get their job done on time.

Sometimes it’s because of a lack of communication. Other times because there was never any real task definition or deadline. There are several legitimate reasons a job may not get completed, but none matter if they lead to a reputation as “the one who can’t finish a project.”

The silent career killer I speak of is procrastination. Are you at risk of becoming its next victim?

If you’re lucky, 70 percent of your job consists of duties that give you energy — tasks you truly enjoy. Even then, that means 30 percent of your job consists of things you don’t look forward to. And it’s only human nature you don’t race in to complete these things. But it’s still no excuse… Read the rest of this column here.