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job search advice and career uncertainty

Image by stockimages via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

According to this research, 92% of adults fear something about the job interview/search process.

Uncertainty is understandable. There is so much that’s unknown about seeking a new chapter in your career. What opportunities are really out there? Will the market be better or worse within the first year of a new job? What kind of competition is vying for the same jobs you want? How long will the whole process take?

This recent article set out to ease the minds of stressed out job seekers, delivering 4 bits of advice to consider:

  1. When you stress about tomorrow, you’re taking away from today’s opportunities.
  2. During your job search, you need to allow yourself to open up.
  3. You can’t plan for everything.
  4. Remember, you do have control of your career.

Now, I like all of these considerations. They are empowering and should help cheer up anyone who’s down about their search.

But I do think they are easier said than done. To truly embrace this advice, you need a strategy that you can count on to keep you accountable to these tips.

This is where you need to seek the advice of a mentor or Career Coach – to truly help you see the big picture and understand what it takes to have a healthy mindset as you enter a job search.

If you’ve been in a job search recently, what would you add to this list?