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networking idea

Networking is all about getting your name and value out there for people to remember, right?

This London startup suggests otherwise.

Per this article about Makeshift:

In their system, a job seeker makes an anonymous profile and asks friends to back and share it. Interested companies can request the person’s real identity and she can agree or decline.

The idea is that asking friends for a tweet and endorsement is much easier than asking them to directly refer you or ask around in their own networks. Companies get to headhunt candidates that have the stamp of legitimacy without calling a recruiter, and candidates get broad reach while staying anonymous.

The service is still small, with somewhere over 7000 candidates and around 250 companies (including Stripe and Intercom). It has brokered 1000 introductions since launch last summer, according to its own data. But the company touts itself as a particularly valuable database of “passive candidates”—those who aren’t actively applying for new jobs but would listen to the right offer—which companies have the most difficulty finding. It’s essentially the service recruiters offer for large fees.

So what do you think? If this kind of service became credible in the United States, would you be drawn to it as an applicant? What about as an employer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!