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career coaching bookHave you ever met one of those individuals who, when entering a room, has such a magnetic attraction that they draw in everyone in the room?

They have mastered and developed poise and a presence, a secure confidence in themselves, but not arrogance.

Most people think this is just something you’re born with. But it’s not. There’s a way for everyone to achieve this sense of self, specifically within the context of your career.

But the answer isn’t found in making small resume edits, or any other job-hunting methods that, in the end, fail to empower you.

You need a roadmap.

As a Career Coach, my job enables me to work with people beyond “tips and pointers” on how to nail a job interview. People often ask what I do as a Career Coach, and providing this road map is the answer. In fact, I’ve developed a system that would help you take control of your career and transform you into a magnetic applicant that employers scramble to find a place for in their organization.

It’s the basis of my booklet, From Roadkill to Roadmap.

The 8 steps outlined in this booklet are critical. They’re all about creating an attraction – you! Plus, if you get behind the wheel and put your career in drive, these steps will help you avoid taking detours that are costly and waste time you can’t afford to lose.

If you’re one of the many people out there who’s looking for help, but isn’t sure you’re ready to dive into Career Coaching yet, check out the booklet. I think you’ll be inspired in reaching your ultimate career destination.