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Image by cooldesign, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When it comes to networking a lot of people in the Career Coaching, career counseling and HR world can get pretty bogged down in semantics.

It’s specifically easy for us to debate the nuances of networking, because that word has such a negative connotation to so many people.

They see networking as insincere and self serving. And therefore articles like this one suggest you become a “connector” instead of a “networker.” Now, I’m not dismissing the article. Quite the opposite. I think the ideas in it are fantastic, and if considering yourself a connector instead of a person out there networking helps you pursue making the right contacts for the right reasons, I’m all for it!

The point I’m making is this: “Networking” shouldn’t be a bad word. When done the right way, it’s authentic, valuable, and supportive of others as much if not more than oneself – just as the “connector” article suggests.